Avian Bond: Je Suis Pigeon

May 28 holds inordinate prominence in Pakistan’s history. May 28, 1998 was the day when Pakistan reiterated its existence forever by attaining the supreme deterrence by testing its nuclear arsenal in the mountains of Chaghi. May 28, 2015, Pakistan launched its first ever Advanced Medium-Range Air-to-Air Pigeon (AMRAAP). The pigeon named Avian Bond was launched from an unknown Air Force Base in Pakistan amidst the presence of the senior most hierarchy of the Armed Forces and top notch scientists of the country. Allegiance stimulating, sky shattering slogans induced goose bumps as the pigeon flapped its wings at its launch and straight away headed due East.

Top Secret Photograph of Avian Bond, captured during his training at an undisclosed PAF Location
Top Secret Photograph of Avian Bond, captured during his training at an undisclosed PAF Location

Avian Bond, a 6 months old Pakistani pigeon endured the toughest 3 weeks training with Pakistan’s Special Services Group (SSG), recently declared the best elite force of the world by the Business Insider Australia. Avian Bond, for his exceptional service was then selected by the Pakistan’s most-feared-by-the-world intelligence agency ISI for a covert operation “Coo’s Coup” against India. Avian Bond the pigeon then joined an Air Superiority Fighter Squadron of Pakistan Air Force for his fighter flying training spanned over 4 weeks come the end of which he was declared a combat-ready wingman and rendered ready by the Air Force to undertake the mission.

Avian Bond, Pakistan Air Force’s pigeon, essentially equipped with the unconventional stealth technology, swooped at speeds of Mach 0.007 and landed in an undisclosed war zone in Pathankot India. It was a matter of time before Avian Bond the pigeon had gathered all the “Only eyes to read” and “Top secret” information from Indian Air Force Base at Pathankot and took off straightaway for Pakistan. It was some 10 NM West of Pathankot that Avian Bond, flying at ultra-low levels was intercepted by Indian authorities on ground around 1600 hours. A highly trained professional fighter pilot, Avian Bond transmitted all the information through the secured radio transmission to the concerned authorities in Pakistan and obliterated any proof whatsoever before he was captured.

Avian Bond, Reporting for duty
Avian Bond, Reporting for duty

Apprehension of Avian Bond the Pakistani pigeon is probably the biggest breakthrough the Indian intelligence agency has had since its unwarranted inception. We decree that Avian Bond be treated in conjunction with the Geneva Convention 1929 guaranteeing rightful rights to the POWs.

Avian Bond, the pigeon’s service to Pakistan will never be forgotten and will be reminisced for the generations to come. Pakistan Air Force has launched a Combat Search And Rescue (CSAR) mission to recover Avian Bond the pigeon from India. We do not leave our pigeons behind.

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