Pride and Prejudice

The term “Male Dominated Society” is neither for nothing nor does it alone means, against the common misconception, of subjugating the women to physical violence or even biases towards them, comes a chance to attest and exhibit supremacy in any form. Even a demeaning nod at the idea of an achievement by the opposite gender is as derogatory as the worst form of it may be. One doesn’t have to advocate “feminism” or “masculism” to believe in the gender equality, which on the contrary, is the only crucial reason to give birth to sexism.

Sexism, like racism, should not be tolerated in society and be chastised. It is a typical patriarchal mentality of a backward feudal society dominated by the thoughts of old dogmas. Even in the Western world, where women are playing a role towards the development of their nations alongside men especially in the field of science and technology and literature, this menace prevails.

The dilemma prone to our part of the world is that the benighted class, off sheer confidence of their ignorance would bandwagon on the basis of religion. The only religion perhaps, which, on the contrary, accords to the utmost respect of the opposite gender. Religion not always seeks logic, but if someone remains adamant, here’s one for them. Being a soldier myself, I shall restrict to the divine examples from the glorious history.

Hazrat Nusaybah bint Ka’ab not only took an active part in many battles, but defended Prophet (PBUH) and struck fatal blows to the opponents with her sword and arrows in the battle of Uhad when archers left the most crucial and tactical position. Hazrat Fatima, in the battle of Khyber ticketed many non-believers to hell with a mere tent pole. Umm-e-Ummara, whom the Prophet (PBUH) observed to be a better fighter than many men was fierce in the battles and even lost her hand in one.


I’ve been getting a lot of “Why would our Air Force even hand over a multi-million dollar fighter jet to a girl huh?”   Putting aside the post marital issues; well brother, she earned her wings, can fly double the speed of sound and bomb the heck out with surgical precision, the mere sound of which would wet your chauvinist pants.

I belong to the North of Pakistan, widely rendered as one conservative area, and I hereby shun this generalization, for I am sure, this generation knows, the difference between the values and conservatism. We honour the former, and rebel against the latter.

Respect begets respect. The “place” for women is not “the kitchen”. You never can dictate a favour you were getting in the first place. If this doesn’t sum it up, probably nothing will for there is no cure to narcissistic chauvinism.


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