– – She must die . . !!

…as I enter the crew-room after flying, I see my squadron mates discussing a firing incident that took place in Swat this morning. Sensing the gloom in the atmosphere, I reckon it appropriate not to question anyone and so I switch on the news channels for the details. A 14 years old girl from Swat was the target this time and is severely injured,and why was not I taken by surprise. Is it that when Emily Bronte says :t’was grief enough to think of mankind, all hollow, servile, insincere ; but worst to trust to my own mind, and found the same corruption there. . ?

– – I am hearing her name all around and everyone is sad about the unfortunate yet anticipated incident. I recall the reasons to know her. Everything comes vividly and the thoughts mostly are associated to the words “courage”, “bravery” and “rebellion against the chauvinist judgmental society”. She inspires a lot of girls including my younger sister who is her age and even most of the men who suffer from false super egos having frequent attacks of low self-esteem. She is taken as a metaphor for rebelling against the stereo-typical, male dominant society who in the name of religion satisfy their hollow-conscience and “serve God” only but to call for His wrath.
But then I re-think of her “crimes”. She raised her voice through her pen against the injustice and the gender discrimination prevalent in the society since ever and certified by the ‘illiterate-Mullahs’, who even define our foreign policy in their Jummah speeches.
Enough reason to kill her already I guess. Why should her family suffer . . ?? Why should her friends, relatives and all those who support the true and the sane and the ‘God’s point of view in Quran’ ?
Lets nip the”evil in the bud”. Lets not “endanger” any more innocent girls who think even Islam gives them every opportunity. Lets end this once and for all. . .
– – – Malala Yousafzai MUST DIE . . !!


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